Ira Onatii


Ira Onatii, an enthusiastic and committed CEO and co-founder of Vegan Stock, combines her love for exquisite cuisine with a desire to create the highest quality food products. With remarkable passion, she leads the Vegan Stock team, ensuring efficient project coordination while prioritizing excellent customer relations and fostering a harmonious and empathetic atmosphere within the team.

Her professional experience is rich and diverse, encompassing various industries and international markets. Ira is exceptionally open and communicates with ease, qualities that are reflected in her negotiation skills and interpersonal relationships. She is fluent in more than four languages, which is a significant asset in managing international operations. She represents Vegan Stock at trade fairs and conferences, promoting the brand with authentic enthusiasm.

Outside of work, Ira is a true citizen of the world – she loves to travel, explore new cultures, and is an aficionado of good music. She is a relaxed, flexible, and empathetic person who easily adapts to various situations, further enriching the culture at Vegan Stock.

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