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As the world changes, so do eating habits and customs. More and more people are choosing to reduce their meat intake, give up dairy or switch completely to a plant-based diet. To meet the needs of their customers, companies must adapt to the rapid changes in culture and lifestyle; paying particular attention to ideological, social and environmental issues.

We created Vegan Stock in 2018 to support the activities of European Manufacturers and Wholesalers by providing unique ingredients of exclusively plant-based origin.

We keep up to date with trends in the industry. We are committed to providing new products, ingredients and technological solutions that meet our customers’ expectations while complying with current legislation. We provide a full high-quality service, both in the product development stage and after launch.

At Vegan Stock we believe that the future is plant-based. Our aim is to help create valuable, innovative and tasty products that are friendly to all Species and to our shared Planet.



Our Core Team

ira onatii

Ira Onatii

CEO / Co-founder

Her professional experience is rich and diverse, encompassing various industries and international markets. Ira is exceptionally open and communicates with ease, qualities that are reflected in her negotiation skills and interpersonal relationships.

anna młynarczyk

Anna Młynarczyk

Quality Assurance Coordinator

It is thanks to her that the quality management system was implemented from scratch according to IFS standard. Her auditing skills ensure that every product that leaves our warehouse meets 100% of your expectations.

monika zając

Monika Zając

Technical Sales Suppor

Her responsibilities include comprehensive customer service in sales and technological advisory on how to select the most suitable product for your needs and production. Monica is always happy to discuss how to use our products.

For your business

Our advantages

Outstanding price
and quality

We have a well-developed network of partner contacts directly with manufacturers and optimized logistics processes.

Support in
the selection

We will find the raw material you are interested in or we will advise you on an alternative, available on offer.

Short delivery

We store most of the raw materials we offer in Europe, which allows us to quickly process your order.

For better development

Our values

We are creative

We are up to date with news, trends and technology, ready to help you find the right ingredients for the implementation of amazing ideas.

We are open-minded

We are open to cooperation with people with different views and values. We know the transformation is gradual. We support plant changes in the team, among partners and clients.

We are responsible

We take care of others. We check our partners, we do not tolerate the exploitation of people and animals. We support producers who do not waste resources and implement innovative energy solutions. We verify the effectiveness of the implemented quality mechanisms and constantly improve our skills.

We are happy

Despite the fact that we are different, we like each other a lot. We complement each other and support each other in working together. We work for a common plant-based future.

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