Consulting regarding use of plant-based ingredients

Consulting on the use of plant-based raw materials for the manufacture of plant-based products is not only a response to the growing popularity of healthier and greener food alternatives, but also to the need to overcome the technological and production challenges closely associated with this growth.

It is time.  As a company that aims to meet the needs of our current and future Clients, we have introduced a specialised consulting service to our offer, to support producers and entrepreneurs in the FMCG sector in the successful implementation of innovation and sustainable solutions.

Through this service, we help to quickly address the needs of producers of plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy and confectionery, as well as sports-food and baked goods.

Why choose our consultancy service? We focus on several key aspects!

1. We advise on the selection of plant-based ingredients

Above all, we assist clients in selecting plant-based ingredients that meet the indicated specifications and can influence the final product design in a specific way.

Thanks to the fact that our Team is include highly specialised experts in food technology, quality and food safety, we are able to provide extensive support in achieving the desired goal of ideal taste, adequate reflection of nutritional values – to which Consumers have become increasingly attentive in recent times – and a texture close to the “original”, which can be a major factor in the choice of a given product.

Evidence of the scale of the impact of texture on sales success can be seen in the successful and unsuccessful debuts of plant-based cheese alternatives – which have a ‘melting’ characteristic – or alternatives of various types of fish and meat suitable for baking or frying.

2. We contribute to the effective optimisation of the supply chain

Another important focus of our consulting activities is the analysis and subsequent optimisation of the supply chain and storage process for plant-based raw materials. This way, our clients can avoid production delays and ensure that they maintain high product quality.

We teach to take care of the efficient use of storage space and the elimination the 3 M’s known as Mura (“imbalance”), Muri (“overloading”) and Muda (“waste”) in terms of stock availability, which translates into minimizing wastage, lowering production costs and thus increasing business profitability.

As a company with many years of experience, we are a guarantor of supply stability. We provide our customers with access to a global network of reliable raw material producers, who we regularly audit – among other things – for compliance with food safety standards and the sourcing of ingredients in accordance with Vegan Stock values.

3. Innovation is our second name

Our consultancy also focuses on discussing promising innovations. We constantly monitor the market by conducting research and analysing the data, and our team frequently attends trade fairs and industry conferences both in the real and digital world. We keep abreast of plant-based food and cosmetic alternatives that are debuting on the European and global market.

This provides our clients with a large amount of data on existing products on the market and trends in development and expansion, giving them a comprehensive analysis of the prospects for becoming a category leader.

It is worth pointing out that at the same time that a large part of our Team shares vegetarian and vegan values, aiming to maintain the stability of the ecosystem and the food economy – we know that this reinforces our authenticity! We combine innovation with sustainability!


Vegan Stock offers comprehensive support in the use of plant-based raw materials to create plant-based products. Our action is holistic – characterised by consulting with a 360° approach. Through ingredient selection, process optimisation and innovation expertise, we help our customers to succeed in the plant-based product market while helping to promote healthy lifestyles and protect the environment.

We support our Clients at every stage of the company and product development process. We work together from concept to market launch.

We focus on the precise identification and implementation of innovative solutions that will enable our clients to stand out in the market and become market leaders.

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