Where do we operate?

We are based in Poland. Our business is international, as is our team. Together, we strive to ensure that our clients have easy access to the highest quality plant-based ingredients.

We are sourcing ingredients all over the world and supplying it to all countries in Europe (including those in the EEA and EFTA) and staying open for new possibilities of cooperation, new projects and never put the limit on our green-expansion.

The common way

Cooperation model


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Who do we work with?


What we are offering.

The ideas and passion for creating innovative, tasty and sustainable plant-based products inspire us to do more.

We had experience ourselves in starting from scratch and we know how important is understanding and support from your supplier from the very beginning of your project. That’s why we always willing to share our experience and knowledge and provide you with samples of various ingredients, so you could “play around” and understand what will works the best for realisation of your idea.

We are working with big production factories who established their position on the market as well with small entrepreneurs who just making first steps in their journey. Our goal is to support the stress-less launch of new plant-based products, therefore our client can order from one package of the ingredient. No need to “freeze” money in stock.

Our Quality assurance department will support you with understanding the food safety standards as well with review of current legal regulations.

Where our Sales team will help you out with choice of new ingredients and familiarise you with new trends and product solutions.



What are we looking for.

We are looking for exclusively plant based ingredients, produced in ethical and sustainable way. It’s very important for us to know what is your values and how you assure the quality of the ingredients.

Documents we will ask you to provide to start our cooperation:
• specification of the product,
• quality certificates recognised by GFSI, Organic, Fair trade, SMETA,
• test reports issued by accredited laboratory for next parameters: nutritional value, pesticide (inc. Glyphosate and ethylene oxide), heavy metals, microbiology,
• Code of Ethics,
• sustainability policy.

After reviewing provided paperwork, we will ask you to send the sample of the product for our internal testing and evaluation. Next step after accepting the sample, our Quality assurance department will ask you to fill up the evaluation questionnaire. Please do not be discouraged on this stage. We want to know better your company and and the details are matters for us. Then our Purchase team will take a lead with placing the order and organising the logistics.

We are oriented on long term mutual beneficial collaboration where we can be open with other, improve and create new ingredients.

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